I am currently writing a code for an app in which I would like to underline some text. However, looking at the ui.Panel.style options there is none which allows underlining the text.

It says that style properties behave like their CSS counterparts, but the CSS property for underlining is

text-decoration: underline

But this returns an error on GEE (Invalid parameter for layout manager). I tried textDecoration just in case but it didn't work either. Is it even possible to underline text? Or is this a dead end?

Here is an example:

 var panel = ui.Panel();
    width: '25%',
    position: 'bottom-right',
    maxHeight: '80%'

var linkLabel = ui.Label('Example',{fontSize: '12.5px'/* other properties go here*/}).setUrl('http://www.example.com/');
var linkPanel = ui.Panel([linkLabel]);


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Yes, You can use "textDecoration" to underline your label. Here is an example:

'Queries at [email protected]',{
   textDecoration: 'underline',
   position: 'bottom-right',
   fontWeight: 'bold',
   fontSize: '13px'

No, no way to do underline yet.

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    I just submitted a fix for this. It should be available next week. Mar 24, 2021 at 23:04

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