I am working with BFAST Monitor in Google Earth Engine, and I would like to run the algorithm over a FeatureCollection containing individual points of interest. Like this:

var norway = ee.FeatureCollection("FAO/GAUL_SIMPLIFIED_500m/2015/level0").filter(ee.Filter.eq('ADM0_NAME', "Norway"));
var myPoints = ee.FeatureCollection.randomPoints(norway, 10);

var engine = require('users/andreim/geeMonitor:monitor.js');

var roi =  myPoints;//ee.Geometry.Point(-60.00, -14.33);// region of interest as a Feature
var historyStart = "2000-01-01"; // The starting date of the stable period.
var historyEnd = "2018-12-31"; // The end date of the stable period.
var monitoringStart = "2019-01-01"; // The starting date of the monitoring period.
var monitoringEnd = "2020-01-01"; // End date of monitoring period. 
var h = 0.25; //numeric scalar from interval (0,1) specifying the bandwidth relative to the sample size in MOSUM/ME monitoring processes
var period = 2; // maximum time, relative to the history period, that should be monitored. The default is 10 times the history period.
var alpha = 0.05; //Significance level of the monitoring (and ROC, if selected) procedure, i.e., probability of type I error.
var magnitudeThreshold = 0; //Threshold for magnitude level for which a change should be considered. Default is 0.
var harmonics = 1; //Order of the harmonic term.

var result = engine.bfastMonitor(roi,historyStart,historyEnd,monitoringStart,monitoringEnd,h,period,alpha,magnitudeThreshold,harmonics);

In mirror to this question about LandTrendr, I tried to apply a reducer over the result, like this:

var myReduced = result.reduceRegions({
  collection: myPoints,
  reducer: ee.Reducer.first(),
  scale: 30,
  tileScale : 16

But I got the error result.reduceRegions is not a function.

Is this a casting issue?

  • By using print(result); I found out that the object is composed of four image collections
  • By using print(typeof(result)); I found out that result does not have a native GEE type, as it just returns Object.

So, I tried to cast result to a list (ee.List(result)) or an ImageCollection (ee.ImageCollection(result)) to turn the object into something that I could work with, but it kept returning the same error ___ is not a function.

So, how do I run BFAST Monitor over a FeatureCollection?

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You need to select the ImageCollection that you are interested in using the . operator. Then filter the ImageCollection to get the layer (Image) you want, e.g. the break timing:

result = result.bfastResults.filter(ee.Filter.eq("system:index", "1")).first();

And then your reduceRegions function works correctly.

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