I am trying to plot some points on the map, where the points are marked based on geo-coordinates and each point belongs to a category.

I am trying to set the color of the categories from the color array, and even converted that into a function, yet it is displaying all the categories in one color, as in the image: Plot of the points

Here's the code mentioned below. I am not exactly sure where am I going wrong, since this is from the documentation of Folium.

The variable 'c' here, is actually coming from the column C in dataframe, which has the number of the segment.

mapPlot = folium.Map(location=[latitude, longitude], zoom_start=2)
colors = [
def colorCall(val):
  val = int(val)
  return colors[val]
for lon, lat, c in zip(df1['long'], df1['lat'], df1['C']):
        [lat, lon],
        fill_color = colorCall(c),

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What you are seeing as blue is the outline of the circle. Set color=False:

        fill_color = colorCall(c),
        color=False,  # outline color


folium circlemarkers with outline


folium circlemarkers without outline

  • Thanks a lot! Solved the issue Mar 27, 2021 at 1:09

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