I want to use more than 2 iterates.

The data I have is point.gdb, polygon data. There are about 2000 point.gdb. There are about 1000 polygon data.

I want to save the points that exist in the polygon area for each polygon.

So I tried like this:

  1. In ModelBuilder 1, I select the point data.gdb I have one by one (save as model1)

  2. In ModelBuilder 2, iterates-feature selection is used to select polygon data one by one.

  3. Using clip's function input feature: read 1 (model1) clip feature: read 2 times

Each item is set as a parameter

enter image description here

When I run it, it turns out that it cannot find the recursive function.

Where did I go wrong?

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Try putting the clip tool into model 1. Then the logic should then be on each iteration in the master model (what you are calling model8) a polygon is fed into the sub model (what you are calling mode 1) and that becomes the clipper for many point datasets.

  • Thank you. I tried to proceed according to your opinion. As you say, the storage name did not have a value value. So, value was specified as a parameter and the storage path was specified using %value%. But it failed. As you say, can you get the value of model 8 and specify it as the save file name? Mar 30, 2021 at 3:54

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