I have a satellite imagery. I want to vectorize all the trees at once by color sampling. How to do it?

I used Photoshop to sample the all the various color ranges of trees [Green] to distinguish between trees and built-up area. Can I use this technique as the Photoshop converted the trees in satellite image in one colour. As you can see in this image I sampled all the trees and converted to black colour to distinguish between trees and built-up area. Now can I select this color from this image and convert it to a VECTOR for Land use and Land cover map in QGIS.

Image from photoshop

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Yes you can. You have a few options.

  1. If you have a new raster layer in which all of the trees are now colored black you could use a reclassify tool to produce a new raster such that all of the trees have a value of 1 and all of the non-tree pixels have a value of 0. Then polygonize that result. See this link for more help on reclassifying options.

  2. Have a look at the semi-automatic classification plugin in. This approach would save you a Photoshop processing step in the first place and likely retained any spatial information that was contained in the original data. https://fromgistors.blogspot.com/p/semi-automatic-classification-plugin.html

  • Yea. Thanks for the help. I found a detailed Tutorial for this Land Classification with SCP Plugin. This video should help the newbies like me youtube.com/watch?v=HKNS-wsc7lo – IRA_01 Mar 28 at 4:10
  • 1
    Hey I need some help. I have done entire experiment/calssification with SCP Plugin but after completing the entire classification I could not able to see classification tab in SCP Dock. Open the link of image of SCP Dock imgur.com/0jUoVau – IRA_01 Mar 28 at 8:26

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