I am trying to isolate the United States from the rest of the world using a provided basemap in ArcGIS Pro.

I am trying to use a shapefile of the United States I obtained from the living atlas as the Clip Feature. When I open the clip geoprocessing tool the basemap does not appear in any of the drop downs. When I drag the basemap to the input I am given the error 000840 which states, "The value is not a Feature Layer."

Is there anyway around this or are basemaps not editable?

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    Basemaps are tiled images not local to your machine. While it may be possible, it is usually a license violation to copy a basemap without authorization. – Vince Mar 31 at 0:33

Instead of clipping to create a new clipped dataset you may be able to meet your requirements by using a visual clip instead, as described at Clip layers in a map:

You can visually clip the layers in a map to highlight an area of interest without altering data. You specify either a rectangular extent or a shape derived from features, and your map draws only within that extent or shape. You can clip all the layers in the map, or just a subset.

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