I want to convert longitude (151.209900) and latitude (-33.865143) into Australia related EPSG (4283 and 7844) by using pyproj library.

I have tried:

from pyproj import CRS, Transformer
transformer = Transformer.from_crs('epsg:4326', 'epsg:4283')
# Output: proj=noop ellps=GRS80

# Sydney
x = 151.209900
y = -33.865143
point = transformer.transform(x, y)
# Output: (151.2099, -33.865143)

I get the same outputs with EPSG:7844.

It seems that pyproj is able to recognize EPSG:4283 and EPSG:7844 but it just does not convert. I am using pyproj 3.0.0.post1 version.

Could you tell me if it is possible to do such conversions? If not could you recommend a library for doing it?

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EPSG:4283 (https://epsg.io/4283) and EPSG:7844 (https://epsg.io/7844) are datums, not projections. This is why transformations are not possible here.

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