I'm having a problem integrating GeoServer and GeoWebCache. When requesting the tiles, the geocaching result is always unsuccessful, and the error message I get is "geowebcache-miss-reason: request does not align to grid(s) 'EPSG:3407'.

I configured the gridset as in this


and the layer bounds


If I generate the tiles manually using the Seeding tool, the generated tiles in the preview are always empty. If I use the preconfigured gridsets, it works as expected.

Any hints what I might be missing?

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Finally, the problem was not on the Geoserver configuration, but in the client side. We were missing the origin parameter in the configuration of the custom SRS for Leaflet. This means that we were sending the wrong bounds to Geoserver, so Geocache couldn't find any matching gridset.

The solution was found in this gist (not mine). You can find more details about how to configure Leaflet+Geoserver+Geocache there.

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