I am trying to calculate the shortest path's distance from certain locations to their closest schools, I used the Pgr_WithPointsCost Function to get the result from one location to its 10 closest destinations (One to Many), But I can't use the (many to many) scripts since Pgr_WithPointsCost will calculate the shortest distance between every point of the source and every target point. The problem is my data set is huge and when I launch the script it crashes.

This is the script I used to calculate the distance

enter image description here


There is a handy function currently in pgRouting's develop branch coined dijkstraNear. This will help you compute many to many.

pgr_dijkstraNear(Edges SQL, Start vids, End vids [, directed] [, cap], [global])
RETURNS SET OF (seq, path_seq, start_vid, end_vid, node, edge, cost, agg_cost)

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