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How to convert KML to shapefile without losing attributes?

This question is here in many variations but though I went through it I still don't have any good solution how to import KMZ/KML to GIS software - no matter if QGIS, ArcGIS, Mapinfo... All these softwares can now (5th 11/2012) more or less open/import KMZ/KML but none of them can do it including attributes (at least not with kml/kmz mentioned below).

I have also tried to use "Zonum Kml2shp", ogr2ogr (not sure what "The LIBKML driver with ExtendedData handling is now incorporated in GDAL Version 1.9.2 onwards, OSGEO4W packages, MS4W and Qgis Master." means because I have installed the new version of OSGEO4W and still can't get attributes)

The data I need to convert are from Queensland Government Wetland Map: http://wetlandinfo.derm.qld.gov.au/wetlands/MappingFandD/WetlandMapsAndData/KMLMaps.html

Also in the image:

KML file with attributes

KML example of polygon:

                    <name>Sys -17.59027,143.15424</name>
                        <Data><displayName>Wetland RE</displayName><value>2.3.24x11</value></Data>
                        <Data><displayName>Wetland RE Percent</displayName><value>100</value></Data>
                        <Data><displayName>Subdominant Wetland</displayName><value>-</value></Data>
                        <Data><displayName>Hydrological Modifier</displayName><value>No modifications observed</value></Data>
                        <Data><displayName>Regime</displayName><value>Commonly (80-100% of images)</value></Data>
                                <coordinates>143.16006,-17.58812 143.16081,-17.58859 143.1611,-17.58858 143.16222,-17.58841 143.16225,-17.58889 143.16159,-17.58914 143.16083,-17.58917 143.1606,-17.58923 143.15935,-17.58917 143.15884,-17.58908 143.15818,-17.58907 143.15783,-17.5891 143.15765,-17.58914 143.15662,-17.58958 143.15621,-17.58979 143.15532,-17.59033 143.15496,-17.59042 143.15466,-17.59036 143.15457,-17.59036 143.15446,-17.5904 143.15416,-17.59064 143.15401,-17.59088 143.15396,-17.59092 143.15306,-17.5914 143.15261,-17.59179 143.15179,-17.59219 143.15139,-17.59222 143.151,-17.59218 143.15091,-17.59218 143.15091,-17.59241 143.14997,-17.59242 143.14997,-17.59219 143.15008,-17.59219 143.14991,-17.59195 143.14966,-17.59182 143.14966,-17.59169 143.1499,-17.59148 143.1499,-17.5914 143.14968,-17.59117 143.15021,-17.59111 143.15099,-17.59095 143.15176,-17.59064 143.15233,-17.59051 143.15328,-17.59019 143.15342,-17.59016 143.1541,-17.59015 143.15515,-17.58977 143.15652,-17.58912 143.15712,-17.58888 143.15732,-17.58883 143.15759,-17.58879 143.15793,-17.58876 143.15879,-17.58852 143.16006,-17.58812 </coordinates>

But there are many other data in KML/KMZ I would like to use with the same problem - no attributes after conversion = useless. Is it really that hard to get attributes from KML/KMZ? I don't see any limitation why this file couldn't be converted for example to one Mapinfo TAB file including points/polygons/lines, attributes in table ("ExtendedData") to it and at the end as bonus also colors for lines and polygons :)

So sorry for repeating this question again, but is here actually any way to import KML (KMZ) to layer (Mapinfo TAB / ESRI shapefile / Any easily importable GIS format) including all attributes "ExtendedData"?

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