With every import (ili2db --import option) of xtf data having a data model with Catalogue data (enumeration values) the Catalogue items are also imported and thus the enumeration values ​​are duplicated. The option --createBasketCol is used because update (ili2db --update option) etc. is planned later. Omitting this option is therefore not a solution.


Test data: The ASTRA model RoadTrafficAccidentLocation is used to explain the problem.

Generate the master database:

  • Create the master database: ili2gpkg --schemaimport --dbfile ./GIS/Data/RoadTrafficAccidentLocation_master.gpkg --createBasketCol --createEnumTabs RoadTrafficAccidentLocation_V2.ili.
  • Import the Catalogue data: ili2gpkg --import --importBid --dbfile ./GIS/Data/RoadTrafficAccidentLocation_master.gpkg RoadTrafficAccidentLocation_Catalogs_V2.xml.

Data collection (survey1):

  • Create the survey1 database RoadTrafficAccidentLocation_survey1.gpkg with QGIS Model Baker (option Source = Interlis (use GeoPackage)).
  • Import of the Catalogue data, equal as with the master database: ili2gpkg --import --importBid --dbfile ./GIS/Data/RoadTrafficAccidentLocation_survey1.gpkg RoadTrafficAccidentLocation_Catalogs_V2.xml.
  • The recorded data must be assigned to a basket (field T_Basket). Therefore generate data records within the tables T_ILI2DB_DATASET and T_ILI2DB_BASEKT:
    • insert into T_ILI2DB_DATASET (datasetName) values ('RoadTrafficAccidentLocation_V2.RoadTrafficAccident');.
    • insert into [T_ILI2DB_BASKET] ([dataset], [topic], [T_Ili_Tid], [attachmentKey], [domains]) values ((select T_Id from T_ILI2DB_DATASET where datasetName = 'RoadTrafficAccidentLocation_V2.RoadTrafficAccident'), 'RoadTrafficAccidentLocation_V2.RoadTrafficAccident', 'fb34beac-1d2b-4466-9a25-f83809d0fe35', 'RoadTrafficAccidentLocation_V2.RoadTrafficAccident', NULL);.
  • Record fictitious data with QGIS.

Import data from survey1 to master:

  • Export from RoadTrafficAccidentLocation_survey1.gpkg: ili2gpkg --export --baskets fb34beac-1d2b-4466-9a25-f83809d0fe35;b01 --dbfile ./GIS/Data/RoadTrafficAccidentLocation_survey1.gpkg RoadTrafficAccidentLocation_survey1.xtf *)
  • Import to master: ili2gpkg --import --importBid --baskets fb34beac-1d2b-4466-9a25-f83809d0fe35;b01 --dbfile ./GIS/Data/RoadTrafficAccidentLocation_master.gpkg RoadTrafficAccidentLocation_survey1.xtf.

*) Without including the basket b01 of the Catalogue data, error messages occur: Error: unknown referenced object RoadTrafficAccidentLocation_V2.RoadTrafficAccidentCatalogs.AccidentSeverityCategory TID 25 referenced from RoadTrafficAccidentLocation_V2.RoadTrafficAccident.Road-traffic-ec483-4ccident.

Problem duplicated catalog data in master:

Catalog items duplicated on each --import

Question: How can it be avoided that the Catalogue data is (respectively must be) included with each import into the master database and thus is duplicated?


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According to the model RoadTrafficAccidentCatalogs, the catalog items do not have a stable ID. You have to overrule the model.

One way to do this: use --createTidCol at schemaimport time and --importTid at data import time, and --exportTid at data export time.

Another way is: use the ili2db.oid metaattribute in a metaattibute file and option --iliMetaAttrs at schema import time.

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