I'm constructing new memory layer to do some spatial data processing. I opened new QgsVectorLayer and I'm trying to add fields dynamically using

fld = QgsField("Name", typeName = "TypeName")

Constructing a list of fields with a loop based on information from other layers.

When I call:

layer.dataProvider().addAttributes([list of QgsField])    

and then to check :

print("Layer init fields:", [field.name() for field in layer.fields()])

I get empty list, which means there are no initialized attributes in a layer.

My question is QgsField correctly initialized?

res = layer.dataProvider().addAttributes(field_def_list)
print("Adding attributes...:",res)

Says it is initialized. Any idea where I abused the QgsField init. Is initializing QgsField by typeName right way to go defining new fields or should I use QVariant.Type?


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So to answer my own question, QVariant.Type has to be defined if you want to construct QgsField. Defining typeName doesn't work.

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