I have a data in the shapefile format. Now I have to move them according to the boundaries. Is their any solution to move according to the distance without manually. I want to select the data with select by location and after points being selected they should be move horizontally or vertically with distance prescribed. I just go for point displacement but every time a shapefile need to export in that process.

enter image description here

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    Sorry: what is the question? Please be more clear. You want to move points? According to a distence: which one? In what direction?
    – Babel
    Apr 7 at 5:43
  • @babel I just edit the question I think u can understand know
    – Bruno B
    Apr 7 at 6:05
  • Have you tried the geoproccessing tool Affine transform?
    – BERA
    Apr 7 at 6:21
  • @BERA I didn't, could you please explain
    – Bruno B
    Apr 7 at 6:38
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    i don't see how people can answer this question since it's not clearer even after OP edition ...
    – Snaileater
    Apr 7 at 7:19

There are several options. At least these two solutions should be easy to implement:

  1. You can create now, tranlated points using QGIS expressions (see here how to do it). Use the Geometry by expression option - this creates actual geometries (and a new layer), but might be the better option for a big numer of features. Check the box next to Selected features only to translate the selected points only.

    Use the following expression - 5000 is the distance of the translation in x-direction, 9000 in y-direction (change this according to your needs):

    translate( $geometry, 5000, 9000)

  2. Another option is to select the points and than activate the Move feature icon: enter image description here.

    If you then move one point, all selected points will be shifted in the same direction and distance. If the icon is not visible, activate the Advanced Digitizing Toolbar (Menu View / Toolbars). The advantage of this option is that no new layer will be created. However, for a huge number of points, it might not work as well as the other option.


Don't enter anything into the Displaced field. It will make a temporary layer instead. No need to create a file.

If you are trying to replace the layer, you must save it with the same name as the original. Make sure you have a backup copy to avoid problems.

Or save it to a new file (point_file_version_2.shp, for example)

  • ofcourse its a good idea but we can do that only for less data. but we cant do that that to huge data it involves efforts
    – Bruno B
    Apr 7 at 6:41
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    I'm still not clear on what you want. Thanks for the downvote. Good luck.
    – wingnut
    Apr 7 at 7:37

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