This question pertains to arcgis.gis in Python, for working with hosted Feature Layers in ArcGIS Enterprise.

I'm using the enrich_data function to calculate a buffer polygon from my input (hosted) point layer, then add population statistics to the resulting polygon - this is working well. I'm not specifying an output_name, so the result is an in-memory FeatureCollection.

Now I wish to append the resulting polygon to an existing polygon layer which is hosted in ArcGIS Enterprise, but I can't figure out how to send the Feature Collection to the existing layer.

I tried the FeatureLayer edit_features command, which has an adds option which expects as input:

adds: FeatureSet/List. The array of features to be added

I can obtain the FeatureSet from FeatureCollection.layer.featureSet but this fails in the edit_features.add command with the below error message, which is unclear to me:

enter image description here

The section self._mapping[key] hints that there is an issue with the field mapping between the input and output polygons, but I can't see any options to remap the field names.

TL;DR - how can I append an in-memory FeatureCollection of polygons to a hosted Feature Layer in ArcGIS Enterprise?

  • PS FeatureLayer mentions an append option but this is only available for ArcGIS Online, and I'm working with ArcGIS Enterprise – Stephen Lead Apr 7 at 11:08

The documentation around this API is pretty sparse, so I disovered this through a lot of trial+error.

While the FeatureLayer page says that it expects to receive a "FeatureSet or List" as input to the FeatureLayer.edit_features(adds=...) command, in fact I found that I needed to send the list of features in order to avoid that error message:


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