How to generate box plots for all bands individually as well as overall box plot for all bands in GEE using Javascript

This is the link to my code https://code.earthengine.google.com/5dd7c3096ba4e3401f805084651d979f This is my code:

//landsat 8 SR 2020 annual median image of year 2020 
var myimage= ee.ImageCollection('LANDSAT/LC08/C01/T1_SR')
                .select(['B1','B2', 'B3', 'B4', 'B5', 'B6','B7','B10','B11'])

// Get information about the bands as a list.
var bandNames = myimage.bandNames();
print('Band names:', bandNames);  // ee.List of band names

// map a function over the list of band names

var fc = ee.FeatureCollection(bandNames.map(function(band) {
  var image = myimage.select([band])
  var combinedReducer = ee.Reducer.mean()
    .combine({reducer2: ee.Reducer.median(), sharedInputs: true})
    .combine({reducer2: ee.Reducer.mode(),sharedInputs: true})
    .combine({reducer2: ee.Reducer.variance(),sharedInputs: true})
    .combine({reducer2: ee.Reducer.min(),sharedInputs: true})
    .combine({reducer2: ee.Reducer.max(),sharedInputs: true})
    .combine({reducer2: ee.Reducer.kurtosis(),sharedInputs: true})
    .combine({reducer2: ee.Reducer.stdDev(),sharedInputs: true})
    .combine({reducer2: ee.Reducer.skew(),sharedInputs: true});

  var stats = image.reduceRegion({
    reducer: combinedReducer,
    geometry: polygon,
    scale: 90
  var meanKey = ee.String(band).cat('_mean')
  var medianKey = ee.String(band).cat('_median')
  var modeKey = ee.String(band).cat('_mode')
  var varianceKey= ee.String(band).cat('_variance')
  var minKey=ee.String(band).cat('_min')
  var maxKey=ee.String(band).cat('_max')
  var kurtosisKey=ee.String(band).cat('_kurtosis')
  var skewKey=ee.String(band).cat('_skew')
  var properties = {
    'band': band,
    'mean': stats.get(meanKey),
    'median': stats.get(medianKey),
    'mode': stats.get(modeKey),
    'variance': stats.get(varianceKey),
    'minimum': stats.get(minKey),
    'maximum': stats.get(maxKey),
    'kurtosis': stats.get(kurtosisKey),
    'skew': stats.get(skewKey)

  return ee.Feature(null, properties)

// print the results

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