I am a Land Surveyor. I would like to "cut/clip" the tax parcels of a Section.
The amount of data in the file is to great, so I need to "cut/clip" pieces of the file and save them individually so that they can be uploaded to another program.

I have managed to find several Youtube channels for help. I was even able to "clip" what I described above once and have failed to repeat what I did.

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    Some people are not land surveyors :-) Can you describe the nature and format of sections and parcels. Have you looked at ogr2ogr (GDAL utility)? – wingnut Apr 8 at 3:31
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    Can you add some screenshots or drawings to make your question easier to understand? – BERA Apr 8 at 5:41
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    You need a layer which covers your area of interest. Input your data layer as the first layer into the clip tool and the layer with your AOI as second. Tada. – Erik Apr 8 at 7:28

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