Weird issue: I am trying to use v.parallel to draw a line parallel to a single line layer I have. It processes without issue, but the parallel line does not appear on the map. The curious thing is that I can click zoom to layer and it zooms to the area where the line SHOULD appear...it's just not physically there.

These are the parameters I set. Why is it not showing?

v.parallel params

Also it has no apparent ability to loop through several lines if I wanted say, 10 parallel lines at an equal spacing. Do I really have to manually do each parallel line?

  • Have you checked that the output layer is on the top and not somehow covered by another layer?
    – Babel
    Apr 10 '21 at 19:02
  • Yeah, it's at the top of the drawing order!
    – Jesse
    Apr 12 '21 at 9:26

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