I like to work with the label toolbar in qgis, because it is intuitive and I can place labels manually.

However, I lose the position and rotation of labels very often in my cartography workflow. That means I have to repeat the whol process of positioning labels again.

What could be the reason behind that? And how can I prevent it in my future qgis map design workflows?

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When you move labels manually their positions are stored in an auxiliary file coming along with your project (this file has a .qgd extension)

If you delete this file (or move its location i suppose...) QGIS won't find the information.

In your layers panel right-click on the layer, choose Properties and then Auxiliary Storage : You should see how this whole information is stored.

If you click on these two red icon (for x and y position - those highlighted in your screen capture) you should find a reference to the attributes found in this auxilliary file.

The Auxiliary Storage tab gives some additionnal functionnalities like exporting this information enabling you to use these stored label coordinates in an another project ...

That should be the main reason you lose your labels ...

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    Thanks for the answer, I indeed deleted the *.qgd file. I there any option to save the labeling positions in the project file (qgs / qgz) ? Or an easy way to save the label positions and rotation in the attribut table? Apr 10 at 16:46
  • @EnzoBaldini Just save the values to an attribute.You may be able to reuse the file also I would gues, though I have never tried.
    – Al rl
    Apr 10 at 16:49
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    @EnzoBaldini : If your project file is a .qgz your .qgd file should be in the .qgz file. That's the main aim of the .qgz format - keeping those auxiliary information close to the project. You can check the content of the .qgz by opening it with a common .zip file manager.
    – Snaileater
    Apr 11 at 13:30

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