Given a GeoTIFF height map image, how can an altitude value be read at a given latitude/longitude using C++ and GDAL?


At the command line this can be achieved using:

gdallocationinfo -valonly [image] -geoloc lon lat

The same in C++:

GDALRasterImage image(src_image);
int value = image.valueAt(lat, lon);


#pragma once

#include <gdal.h>

class GDALRasterImage {
  GDALRasterImage(const char* filename);
  int valueAt(double lat, double lon);

  GDALDatasetH dataset;
  GDALRasterBandH band;
  double inverseTransform[6];


#import "GDALRasterImage.h"

GDALRasterImage::GDALRasterImage(const char* filename) {
  this->dataset = GDALOpenEx(filename, GDAL_OF_RASTER, nullptr, nullptr, nullptr);
  assert(dataset != nullptr);

  // Assume there is only one band in the raster source and use that
  assert(GDALGetRasterCount(dataset) == 1);
  this->band = GDALGetRasterBand(dataset, 1);

  // Get the inverse geo transform to map from geo location -> pixel location
  double datasetTransform[6] = {};
  assert(GDALGetGeoTransform(dataset, datasetTransform) == CE_None);
  assert(GDALInvGeoTransform(datasetTransform, inverseTransform));

GDALRasterImage::~GDALRasterImage() {

int GDALRasterImage::valueAt(double lat, double lon) {
  int x = static_cast<int>(floor(inverseTransform[0] + inverseTransform[1] * lon + inverseTransform[2] * lat));
  int y = static_cast<int>(floor(inverseTransform[3] + inverseTransform[4] * lon + inverseTransform[5] * lat));

  int32_t pixelValue;
  assert(GDALRasterIO(band, GF_Read, x, y, 1, 1, &pixelValue, 1, 1, GDT_Int32, 0, 0) == CE_None);
  return pixelValue;

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