I would like to create a few thousand points by clicking on specific points in my background map. I have created a shapefile-layer for this task. But when I click on the map, QGIS always asks for a point ID. Is it possible to give these points an ID automatically so I don't have to type one? Do the points need an ID? If I just click enter, the point is saved without an ID. Is that a problem?


You can use the attribute form tab of the layer properties to set a default value for newly generated features (where the red text is in the old screenshot I attached). If you enter $id there, every new feature will be assigned a unique ID upon creation.

And no, unless you're working with geopackages, your features don't need an ID.

enter image description here

Alternatively you may disable the attribute form when creating new features in the digitizing tab in the options.


It's not per se a problem, if you don't enter an ID, since your location is still a unique identifier. But of course this would be bad style and could get you into problems in the workflow later on. So an unique ID is almost certainly a must.

But your question has been answered previously, and extensively. In my opinion the most straight forward way would be using the 'Attributes Form' in the layer properties, explained e.g. here: https://gis.stackexchange.com/a/312406/176374

If I missunderstand your question and you have a different need please correct me.

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