I have large amounts of existing GeoTIFF data and I would need to find example how to index those to open data cube. Currently those reside in MinIO (S3 compliant store). In my understanding I would need to convert these to COG (that I can probably manage) and then I would need to generate STAC file to ingest those.

Any pointer to tutorial or examples?

I think s3-to-dc won't work with Minio as there is no way to pass endpoint.

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There is a really basic example here in the Datacube STAC example repository.

In brief, if you create a STAC 1.0.0-beta.2 document that uses the Proj extension and includes transform and shape for each asset, as defined here, and a field in properties that is odc:product, which relates to your product definition, you should be good to go.

Then you can use the s3-to-dc tool, available here, to index from MinIO.

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