I'm trying to clip a set of polylines to a polygon with geopandas but it's returning an empty set. Here's my code:

>>> import geopandas as gpd
>>> import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

>>> gdf_lines = gpd.read_file('by_christina_nhd_0.geojson')
>>> gdf_basin = gpd.read_file('christina_proj_4269.geojson')
>>> ax = gdf_lines.plot()
>>> gdf_basin.plot(ax=ax, color='white', linewidth=2, edgecolor='black')
>>> plt.show()

polylines with polygon overlaid

>>> gdf_lines.crs == gdf_basin.crs
>>>clipped_lines = gpd.clip(gdf_lines, gdf_basin)

They obviously intersect, so what's up? Why isn't clip returning those lines within the polygon? Any ideas?

Here is a link to the geojson files

FYI - I've also tried this on QGIS and I get an empty set there too. It also has a warning about "invalid geometry." Not sure if that has anything to do with it.

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Your polygon is indeed invalid. You can check it for example with ogrinfo

ogrinfo -sql "select isvalidreason(geometry) from christina_proj_4269" jsonpoly.json -dialect sqlite
  isvalidreason(geometry) (String) = Self-intersection[-75.5297803164871 39.7081441293768]

The viewer in Gist actually shows the error

enter image description here

Fix the data and try again.

  • That was it! Thank you
    – j sad
    Apr 14, 2021 at 20:00

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