I'm trying to create random points using slpancs library in R. But I have this problem:

random_points<- csr(poly = "zona", 1000) Error in poly[, 1] : incorrect number of dimensions


The poly argument has to be a two-dimensional matrix with two columns, defining the polygon. Since you've passed a string "zona", the function has told you this isn't usable.

  • But "zona" is a polygon in a shapefile which I did in QGIS and import to R Apr 16 at 16:56
  • You passed a string in quotation marks. poly="zona". If you have an object called zona then you don't put it in quotes, you do poly=zona. But read the help for csr because it only works if poly is a two-column matrix - it does not work for complex spatial objects and classes like sf.
    – Spacedman
    Apr 16 at 18:55

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