I'm super excited by the recently added bivariate symbology in ArcGIS Pro. However, when publishing maps and layers, I noticed the legend for my 4x4 grid changes into 16 different lines in the online legend. Not perfect.

Does anyone know of a way to show the legend in ArcGIS Online as it is shown in ArcGIS Pro?

enter image description here

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Using bivariate symbology in AGOL already does this, though it may not automatically pick it up during publishing. Just go to the layer's Visualization settings once it's published and recreate the bivariate symbology.

bivariate symbol

  • This seems to not work for me - I recreated the style but when I click legend it is still showing lines. Could this be because I am applying it to a line feature class? Or would there be another reason?
    – RobinV
    Commented Apr 19, 2021 at 3:39

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