I'm using ArcGIS Desktop 10.2.2 and want to generate a tesselation grid but this tool is available in 10.3 or versions of ArcGIS.

Is there any way I can generate a hexagon grid for my study area using ArcGIS 10.2.2?

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    Have you checked Create Hexagon Tessellation? – ahmadhanb Apr 19 at 4:33
  • I was generating hexagons (and triangle-filled hexagons) at Arc/Info 6.0; it's just a little trigonometry, after all. – Vince Apr 19 at 4:55
  • I would say you are using an old version of ArcMap that not even ESRI really support, time you should upgrade then you will have lots of tools to choose from. – Hornbydd Apr 19 at 13:12

I had some experience using a tool developed by Jenness Enterprises. I used this with ArcMap 9.3.1, looking on the site I see there is a 10.x version. Which should be able to give you what you need in 10.2.2.



Jenness, J. 2012. Repeating shapes for ArcGIS. Jenness Enterprises. Available at: http://www.jennessent.com/arcgis/repeat_shapes.htm.

Unfortunately I do not have access to ArcMap to test it, I am going on what I remember from using 9.3.1.

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