We need to get LabelGeometry from a feature. There is such a class QgsLabelPosition, it sets parameters. I need to get the parameters of the bounding box label.

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Version QGIS 3.16.4


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You need the labelRect attribute. My way of getting the value of the labelReсt attribute is as follows.

Take a point that intersects with some label(s). In my case, this point is the last position of the mouse cursor:

point = iface.mapCanvas().mouseLastXY()
point = iface.mapCanvas().getCoordinateTransform().toMapCoordinates(point)

Since several labels can intersect with our point at once, labelsAtPosition returns a list of QgsLabelPosition objects:

labels = iface.mapCanvas().labelingResults().labelsAtPosition(QgsPointXY(point))

Get the attributes we need (for example, LabelRect) of each QgsLabelPosition object (of each label).

for l in labels:

In the same way, we can get all other QgsLabelPosition attributes: cornerPoints, featureId, height, isDiagram, isPinned, isUnplaced, labelFont, labelGeometry, labelRect, labelText, layerID, providerID, rotation, upsideDown, width.


Add 2 fields to the featureclass: label_x,label_y (Type: real) and set the placement in the label options to those fields:

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Do NOT check the "Store Data in the project" option!

for feat in layer.getSelectedFeatures():
    labels=iface.mapCanvas().labelingResults ().labelsWithinRect(rec)
    if len(labels)>0:

Tested in QGIS 3.16.10


This will return all label geometries of the labels in current map extent:

extent = iface.mapCanvas().extent()
labelresults = iface.mapCanvas().labelingResults()
labelsinextent = labelresults.labelsWithinRect(extent) #Find the labels in current map extent

for lbl in labelsinextent:
    h = lbl.height
    w = lbl.width
    labelrect = lbl.labelRect
    labelgeom = lbl.labelGeometry

#<QgsRectangle: 527101.23714807606302202 6882549.52799519244581461, 527175.66743653104640543 6882609.07222595624625683>

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