My end goal is to turn 3D drill hole points into 3D lines. Each point has an associated name and for each name, I intend to make a polyline out of all of its points.

The native XY Table To Point script does half the job except it makes a simple Point feature. It somehow displays 735 rows for each of my 735 points but arcpy commands detect only 1 row so I cannot enumerate by row.

I was able to run the Points to Line tool and it made lines in the right xyz positions, but it dropped all the fields so I cannot do anything useful with them.

Are there built in methods I do not know to make a proper multi point feature out a 3D XYZ points?

Then I can at least write my own line construction script.

Or is there a more direct way I can import the XYZ data, like XY To Line tool, but including the Z component, and without losing the other fields?

Found the solution of:

  1. XY To Line (tick preserve attributes)
  2. Feature to 3D by Attribute

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