I've a file of grid points (ERA5 meteorological info grids) and I'd like to convert the points to adjacent polygons so I can create nice maps from them.

The resolution of my grids is around 30 km x 30 km, however unfortunately it's not unique, neither in km, neither in degrees.

I could calculate distance of grid points in another program and add desired height & widths as new column to apply them as buffers' dimension, however I'd also be interested in a solution completely done in QGIS.

Sample data:
enter image description here

location lat lon
38.6°N/27.8°E204.9m 38.64167 27.77344
38.6°N/28.1°E357.3m 38.64167 28.125
38.6°N/28.5°E462.3m 38.64167 28.47656
38.6°N/28.8°E619.0m 38.64167 28.82812
38.4°N/27.8°E630.4m 38.36064 27.77344
38.4°N/28.1°E795.8m 38.36064 28.125
38.4°N/28.5°E651.6m 38.36064 28.47656
38.4°N/28.8°E663.0m 38.36064 28.82812
38.1°N/27.7°E328.0m 38.07961 27.66667
38.1°N/28.0°E605.1m 38.07961 28
38.1°N/28.3°E747.2m 38.07961 28.33333
38.1°N/28.7°E741.9m 38.07961 28.66667
37.8°N/27.7°E176.4m 37.79858 27.66667
37.8°N/28.0°E188.5m 37.79858 28
37.8°N/28.3°E437.6m 37.79858 28.33333
37.8°N/28.7°E655.0m 37.79858 28.66667

Desired output (Example from another file with 0.1 x 0.1 degree resolution):
enter image description here

  • @Babel Ideally I'd like to get rectangles, but these also look nice, thanks! Apr 21, 2021 at 15:14

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If any kind of polygon, not just rectangles, is OK for you, than the easiest way is to simply create voronoi polygons, using Menu Vector / Geometry Tools / Voronoi polygons. See this example, based on the points you provided in your question, including a value of 20 for Buffer region (% of extent):

enter image description here

You could also apply Menu Processing / Toolbox / Oriented minimum bounding box to get rectangles - they will overlap, however:

enter image description here

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