I have a folder full of shapefiles, I would like to read them into geopandas and then clip them all to one boundary iteratively. I have loaded all of the shapefiles into a list with this correctly thanks to @Kadir Şahbaz:

import glob
import geopandas as gpd
shapefiles = glob.iglob('E:/folder/shapefiles/*.shp')

gdfs = [gpd.read_file(file) for file in shapefiles]

However now I am stuck on iterating through each shapefile (geodataframe in the list gdfs). The code below only applies the clip to the first shapefile(item) in the list:

for shapefiles in gdfs:
    clipped = [gpd.clip(shapefiles, boundary)

I need to iterate the clip through each shapefile(geodataframe) in the list (and later save each as a separate shapefile).


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A list comprehension is very Python.

clipped = [gpd.clip(s, boundary) for s in shapefiles]

But often it's easier and more flexible to loop, especially if there are clip polygons for each shapefile. Let's say clip_bounds contains a list of clip bounds in the same order as the shapefile list:

shapefiles = glob.iglob('E:/folder/shapefiles/*.shp')
for file, clipper in list(zip(shapefiles,clip_bounds)):

Following code you can use to get what you want:

for shapefiles in gdfs:
    clipped = gpd.clip(shapefiles, boundary)
    clipped.to_file("your local system path")

Here I assume that your all shapefiles and boundary polygon are having same projections. If not then you can change the projection of your boundary polygon (if it's also in a geodataframe by using boundary.to_crs(shapefiles.crs)) in run time and then use the above code which I have written. Or if your boundary polygon is not in geodataframe (it's simply a polygon) then you can use from "shapely.ops import transform" module to change the projection to the projection of your shapefiles.

  • Sorry but the code you have written does not iterate (clip) through each geodataframe (shapefiles) in the list (gdfs), instead it only clips the first geodataframe and stores it as a single geodataframe which does not solve my problem. Also I will need to save each geodataframe in the list into a separate shapefile so clipped.to_file("your local system path") will not work for that either
    – hbk
    Commented Apr 22, 2021 at 4:53

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