When dragging a polygon vertex using the Sketch class, the update event is fired, with a type of "reshape".


sketch.on("update", onGraphicUpdate);
function onGraphicUpdate(event) {
      if (event.toolEventInfo && event.toolEventInfo.type === "reshape") {
        //this does not seem to have any info about the vertex being dragged, even though we have the 

Previously in 3x, we could grab a vertexInfo object off of that type of event (vertex-move), which contained the pointIndex and segmentIndex of that vertex.



Does anyone know if pointIndex and segmentIndex exist anywhere, or how to decipher/identify which vertex within the polygon is actively being moved?

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This does not seem to be documented anywhere (as of 4.18, even if using the 4x typings), but through debugging, I was able to find pathIndex (previously segmentIndex) and pointIndex in the event fired from sketch.update

sketch.on("update", (event) => {
    const toolEventInfo = event.toolEventInfo;
    if (toolEventInfo && toolEventInfo.type === "reshape") {
        //reshape event types should have a "selected" prop containing info about the 
        //vertex being edited
        const { pathIndex, pointIndex } = event.toolEventInfo.selected[0].attributes;

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