I have a FeatureCollection that I cannot export as a shapefile on Earth Engine — I get the following error: Error: Shapefiles cannot contain multiple geometry types; found 'LineString', 'Polygon'.

This is the export code:

  collection: table,
  fileFormat: 'SHP'

And upon using table.geometry(), I get the following output:

type: GeometryCollection
geometries: List (10 elements)
0: LineString, 3 vertices
1: LineString, 3 vertices
2: LineString, 3 vertices
3: LineString, 2 vertices
4: Polygon, 11 vertices
5: Polygon, 1484 vertices
6: Polygon, 7113 vertices
7: Polygon, 4 vertices
8: Polygon, 4 vertices
9: Polygon, 10205 vertices

I suppose it would be necessary to convert the LineString to Polygon, but I haven't found a way to do that.

  • You have a choice: Two shapefiles (polygon and polyline) or one shapefile (polyline) – Vince Apr 25 at 14:46

I created in GEE, two LineString and one Polygon geometries and put them together in one Feature Collection. They look, printed in GEE, as follow.

enter image description here

When I tried to export this Geometry Collection in that way, I got your same error message. However, when I filtered each geometry by type, as in following script, I could export successfully each feature collection (lines and polygons).

var geometry1 = ee.Geometry.LineString(
        [[-116.557421875, 42.281127635051625],
         [-114.096484375, 44.39037997076336],
         [-110.580859375, 44.26463363444282]]);

var geometry2 = ee.Geometry.LineString(
        [[-104.955859375, 35.30364788916715],
         [-101.1765625, 34.8],
         [-98.803515625, 36.6549334211419]]);

var geometry3 = ee.Geometry.Polygon(
        [[[-107.065234375, 45.26305508470522],
          [-102.319140625, 44.01233232748235],
          [-98.100390625, 46.48681864416886],
          [-100.64921875, 47.565183593175995],
          [-103.46171875, 46.60771317183824],
          [-105.834765625, 47.978669380083986]]]);

var fc = ee.FeatureCollection([geometry1, geometry2, geometry3]);

var features = fc.toList(fc.size());




var polygons = features
    .map(function (f) { 
      return ee.Feature(f).set('geometry_type', ee.Feature(f).geometry().type()); })
    .filter(ee.Filter.equals('geometry_type', 'Polygon'));

polygons = ee.FeatureCollection(polygons);

var lines = features
    .map(function (f) { 
      return ee.Feature(f).set('geometry_type', ee.Feature(f).geometry().type()); })
    .filter(ee.Filter.equals('geometry_type', 'LineString'));

lines = ee.FeatureCollection(lines);

  collection: polygons,
  fileFormat: 'SHP'

  collection: lines,
  fileFormat: 'SHP'

After exported (lines and polygons) to my Google Drive, I downloaded them and they look as follow in QGIS. It worked as expected.

enter image description here

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