I have deegree version 3.4.16 running on (localhost). I want to connect QGIS version 3.10.5-A Coruña to deegree (localhost).

I have set the following parameters in "Create a New WMS/WMTS Connection":
Name = deegree2
URL = (or localhost:8080, both tried)

The following error message appears:

"Failed to download capabilities. Download of capabilities failed. Protocol "" is unknown

What is missing? What went wrong

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    The error message says that protocol is needed, in this case the protocol is http. Try But I guess, be reading download.deegree.org/documentation/3.4.15/html/…, that the url should contain also /services/wms. Or even something about your workspace, like in this http://deegree3-demo.deegree.org/utah-workspace/services.
    – user30184
    Apr 25, 2021 at 20:31
  • @user30184 - that's an answer not a comment
    – Ian Turton
    Apr 26, 2021 at 8:10

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As user @user30184 already pointed out, the complete endpoint URL of a deegree WMS shall include the request context and service name such as services/wms.

The general request scheme is as follows: <protocol>://<host>:<port>/<deegree_webapp_name>/services/<service_name> where

  • protocol can be either http or https
  • host can be the hostname or IP address, such as localhost
  • port the port number of the Servlet container running deegree, e.g. 8080
  • deegree_webapp_name the filename of the deegree webapp deployed in the Servlet container, such as deegree-webservice (you may not add .war at the end!)
  • service_name as the file name of the deegreeWMS configuration file in the active workspace, check the deegree workspace documentation in https://download.deegree.org/documentation/current/html/#_the_deegree_workspace for more information how to configure deegree WMS

Here is a complete example endpoint URL of a deegree WMS from the deegree demo site: https://demo.deegree.org/utah-workspace/services/wms

For your case it may be http://localhost:8080/deegree-webservices/services/wms

Check the name of the web app and the name of the deegreeWMS configuration file. You can do this by opening http://localhost:8080/deegree-webservices in your browser, and click on the configuration element "web services > services" on the left side of the deegree admin console. Select the clickable "Capabilities" element and in a new browser tab the WMS capabilities document should be displayed. Copy the complete URL to QGIS.

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