I am planning to plot some graduated points, based on their value, while also keeping the scale the same for different parameters. Naturally, I imported the CSV file that included the points. Upon plotting as categorized points, I set the value for the corresponding parameters, as you can see in the screenshots;

these are the settings that I used in plotting model salinity

and menu for satellite salinity

The points were automatically classified in 8 classes for both cases and these returned me with the following plots:

enter image description here enter image description here

Since I want to compare these two parameters on the same scale, I copied the symbology from the Sal_Sat layer and pasted it upon SS_Model-Bias then changed the SS_Model-Bias layer's value to its original parameters which looked something like this:

enter image description here

Applying one layer's symbology to another, made some points disappear which was visible in the earlier classifications. enter image description here

What is causing the points to disappear after symbology of another layer of different style is being pasted on it?

I am using QGIS 3.16 LTR.

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If you examine the value ranges for two layers, you will see that any one doesn't completely cover the other. Sal_Sat ranges between -2 - 3.9, SS_Model-Bias ranges between -0.66 - 7.6. When you copy Sal_Sat upon SS_Model-Bias, you lose the features whose values are bigger than 3.9. This case is clearly seen in the final map. There is no value that is bigger than 3.9.

A solution for this is to add more style layers manually to the symbology of SS_Model-Bias layer, animated as follows:

enter image description here


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