I want to display an color composite image from my image collection:

listOfImages = dataset_fxm.toList(dataset_fxm.size())

firstImage = ee.Image(listOfImages.get(0))


But the following error is showing up: name 'band' is not defined.

And I have also used 'bands' for defining the bands, but still the same error.

I am running the task on jupyter notebook python API GEE.

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It is the whole code? If yes, there are some stuff missing: You have to define the image collection and visualization parameter. Take a look at this question: Google Earth Engine - get true color (RGB) of Landsat 8 SR There is a complete snippet for Landsat 8 you can use.


I think that GEE generally takes 'Bands' as a parameter and not 'band'. For example in term of visualisation, you would write :

Map.addLayer(firstImage, {bands:['B5','B4','B3']}, "patan")

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