I am using the processing modeler in QGIS 3.10. I want to buffer polygons by individual field attributes. This is not a problem when I am not using the processing modeller since one can simply choose the respective attribute field from the loaded layers. However, when I want to automize the workflow in the processing modller, I don't know how to tell QGIS from where it should take the attributes since there are nor preloaded layers in the processing modeller (see picture attached). I guess, I have to use the "Expression string builder", but I don't know which command I should use. Let's assume layer x contains the field y, which has the respective attributes values I want to use for buffering (which differ by polygon, so it's not a constant value). Any Ideas how I express that in the "Expression string builder", when using the processing modeler?enter image description here

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Instead of the "normal" Buffer-Tool, use variable distance buffer-Tool:

Add a Vector Field Input and change the input of the tool to Model Input. Then choose your field.

enter image description here

So your model looks something like this (simplified):

enter image description here

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