I am trying to find a Python tool to convert .xml-file to shapefile or to convert it directly from .xml to PostGIS database (I am using old schema editor it export only .xml-file).

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    Welcome to GIS SE. As a new user, please take the Tour, which explains how our Focused question/Best answer model operates. As there are an infinite number of potential XML files, there isn't likely just one way to accomplish this, but you probably want to avoid the ancient kludge which is shapefile to format a SQL statement from XML. Please focus your Question on the task, providing more information on the source file(s) and the destination goal, instead of the XY Problem of making a shapefile. – Vince May 2 at 21:25
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    Can you provide us the look of a sample XML file? We need to be sure the content has the infos to create the shapefile and see the structure of one of your particular XML to see how to parse it. – ThomasG77 May 2 at 22:20
  • iam, trying to find a way to enter my data from schema editor (old version) to postgis database. and the exported data is in xml format – user182794 May 3 at 19:50
  • XML is a general format for storing just about any kind of data - its not just GIS data! Without seeing it, or knowing exactly how you created it, this is impossible for us to answer. – Spacedman May 4 at 8:14