Using the "allow multiple selections" in "Value Relation Widget" results in {value1,value2,...}. But arrays in QGIS are written like ['value1','value2',...]. How do I handle the multiple selection results? For example, if I would get the first entry in my list. With usual arrays I would use this syntax: array_get('array',0).

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This is a map with only keys. You can get them using map_akeys('yourmap') which will turn it into an array of all keys.

So your syntax could be map_akeys('yourmap')[0] or array_get(map_akeys('yourmap'),0)

Similary you could use map_avals('yourmap') to get all values or map_get('yourmap','key') to get a specific value.


This may help:

array_get( string_to_array( substr( "array", 2, -1 ) ), 0)


    string_to_array( substr("array", 2, -1)),
    array_get( @arr, 0)

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