I have a map that contains one single layer with multiple feature. Those feature contains polygon and point.
I do not filter them because I did load every layout in the same object like the following

geoJsonObject = MyGeoJsonFile

const vectorSource: VectorSource = new VectorSource({
  features: new GeoJSON().readFeatures(geojson),

this.vectorLayer = new VectorLayer({
  map: this._map, // Already generated map
  source: vectorSource,

Now I try to find the nearest point and move to it while the user is moving
_geolocationService.onUserPositionChanged$ give me the user coordinates {lng: string, lat: string}

moveToCoordinate(coordinates: any[], zoom: number = 16) {
  this.view.animate({ center: olProj.fromLonLat(coordinates), zoom: zoom })

  .subscribe((coordinates) => {
    if (coordinates) {
      const formattedCoordinates = [coordinates.lng, coordinates.lat]
      const fromLonLatCoordinates = olProj.fromLonLat(formattedCoordinates)

      this.positionFeature.setGeometry(coordinates ? new Point(fromLonLatCoordinates) : null)

      const nearestPoint: Feature = this.vectorLayer

      if (nearestPoint) {
        this.moveToCoordinate(nearestPoint.getGeometry().getCoordinates(), 18)

But nearestPoint will give me back the coordinate of the polyline instead of the point.
I know that getClosestFeatureToCoordinate() does accept a filter but I cannot figure out how to make it work.

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In your filter function you can check feature geometry type and return true if geometry is Point:

function featureFilter(feature) {
  return(feature.getGeometry().getType() == 'Point');

In case someone want to copy my code for centering to a specific location, I'll also had to change the projection like this. and I did write a shorter form of the method.

const nearestPoint: Feature = this.vectorLayer
  .getClosestFeatureToCoordinate(fromLonLatCoordinates, (feature) => {
    return feature.getGeometry().getType() == 'Point'
if (nearestPoint) {

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