I have imported the pbf data to postgres using osm2pgsql.

osm2pgsql -U postgres -W -d osmdbv4 --output-pgsql-schema=db_snapshot --latlong -H localhost -C 20480 --middle-schema=db_snapshot -S default.style  --prefix=aut --hstore-all --number-processes=24 --slim "country-latest.osm.pbf"

Now I want to create pbf file from this database. I see the option of osmosis, but the database schema of osm2psql and osmosis are different.

How I can export the data in pbf format, which is imported using osm2pgsql tool?


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There is no way to convert pgsql to pbf for osm2pgsql generated data.

osm2pgsql is only one way process, currently there is no way for pgsql2osm


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