I'd like to turn Google Earth Engine geometries to feature collection, however receive error message like:

Collection: Geometries cannot have their properties modified or be placed into collections.

How should I modify the code? My code is following:

var glc = ee.FeatureCollection('users/wangq/test_slope')
var geometries = glc.geometry().geometries()

var shape = ee.FeatureCollection(geometries)

As per the documentation, a feature collection is a collection of features, and not a collection of geometries.

If you would like to combine geometries into a feature collection, first convert each geometry into a feature using

var features = geometries.map(function(g){
  return ee.Feature(ee.Geometry(g));

Then, combine the features into a feature collection using

var shape = ee.FeatureCollection(features)

Link to complete code.

  • Thanks for your answer. Pretty useful! – wangq May 9 at 6:53

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