When exporting from Print Layout as a .svg-file in QGIS the line fill pattern disappears of all polygons. How can I stop this happening?

The problem doesn't occur when exporting as an image file or PDF, however, I would like the map to be in SVG format to edit the layers further in Inkscape.


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It had happened to me on QGIS 3.18 as well, the line pattern fill for polygons was missing when exporting as SVG.

Example in the Print Composer


Example of exported SVG (viewed via Google Chrome)


In this case, I would probably follow what is mentioned in the Infobox when exporting as SVG from the Print Composer

The SVG export function in QGIS has several problems due to bugs and deficiencies in the underlying Qt SVG library. In particular, there are problems with layers not being clipped to the map bounding box.

If you require a vector-based output file from QGIS it is suggested that you try exporting to PDF if the SVG output is not satisfactory.

So, the workaround is to export it as a PDF and afterwards convert it into SVG in the vector editor of your choice. In my case, Adobe Illustrator did the job, see image below (viewed via Google Chrome).


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    Great! Just to add an OpenSource alternative to Adobe Illustrator, you could also use Inkscape - inkscape.org
    – Babel
    Commented May 9, 2021 at 8:28

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