Up until sometime in the last week or so, the following code was working to convert the features of a filtered FeatureCollection into a single multipolygon geometry:

var predicates = ee.Filter.inList('GEOID', countylist);
var unioncounties = ee.FeatureCollection(counties.filter(predicates).geometry());

Now however, the features all remain separate and I have to use the following to get a single geometry, which is much slower:

var predicates = ee.Filter.inList('GEOID', countylist);
var unioncounties = ee.FeatureCollection(counties.filter(predicates).geometry().dissolve());

Anybody else seeing this change of behavior?

UPDATED TO EXCLUDE COUNTIES WITH LINESTRINGS from Noel's answer below. Still, .geometry() no longer is merging the features into a single geometry like it did a month ago. It does not matter what FC is used, the behavior has somehow changed:

Full working code example here: https://code.earthengine.google.com/6d3c7110f0994cfde2a467cd9ee3911b


One of the counties has an extra linestring in the geometry.

    type: GeometryCollection
    geometries: List (5 elements)
        0: LineString, 2 vertices
        1: Polygon, 727 vertices
        2: Polygon, 3920 vertices
        3: Polygon, 1778 vertices
        4: Polygon, 3687 vertices

Since there are different types of geometries in the result, you get a GeometryCollection instead of a simple MultiPolygon when you take the geometry of the collection (which is a little dangerous to do anyway; e.g.: if the polygons ever overlap, you get the difference in the overlapping regions). You can filter out the linestring with a map (or as you found, just flatten it with a a dissolve):

var filtered = unioncounties.geometries().map(function(g) {
  var type = ee.Geometry(g).type();
  return ee.Algorithms.If(ee.Algorithms.IsEqual(type, "Polygon"), g, null)
}, true)

unioncounties = ee.FeatureCollection(ee.Geometry.MultiPolygon(filtered))
  • Thanks for the explanation, it makes sense. However, there must be something else going on as well, as when I shorten the county list to exclude the county that had the linestring, .geometry() still is not merging the geometries anymore. Code: code.earthengine.google.com/fcc920716499736cdda75f9863b5df24 Again, the strange thing is that merging geometries this way was working fine a week or more ago so something must have changed in the EE inner-workings recently. (The code I am using has not changed and it does not seem to matter what FC I test it on, the behavior has changed) – l_r May 10 at 12:41
  • Updated original question above to show this still is not working even when LineString geometries are excluded – l_r May 26 at 18:11

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