On app-schema configuration file I have several elements with ClientProperty which shows the property on a WFS GetFeature response but when a ClientProperty is defined for a top element like the SIGMET defined below the id is returned but the two ClientProperties reportstatus and permissibleusage are not! Any ideas why ClientProperty doesn't work on a top element?

        <!-- sourceType is a database table or view -->
                    <value>if_then_else(isNull(permissibleusage), Expression.NIL, permissibleusage)</value>

I'm getting back

<iwxxm:SIGMET gml:id="a946ee46-2cfb-4e65-8c07-e7f5f8670af01">

but it should be something like

<iwxxm:SIGMET gml:id="a946ee46-2cfb-4e65-8c07-e7f5f8670af01" reportStatus="NORMAL"  permissibleUsage="OPERATIONAL">

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