Is there a way to obtain how much % of the country covers that buffers using QGIS?

This is a country (Ecuador)

enter image description here

And these are buffers

enter image description here

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If your Ecuador layer is several polygons, I would start off by running the "Dissolve" tool. This will create 1 merged feature.

Following that, I would run the "Multiparts to Singleparts" tool on the dissolved layer. This is because you have some disconnected polygons. You should now get like 5-10 features (based on your screenshot), but it may vary depending on the number of islands you have.

Lastly I would run the "Overlap Analysis" tool on the singleparts layer. For your input layer, pick the "singleparts" layer. For your overlap, pick the pink circles "buffers". The output will have two columns, one is the area of overlap, the second column is the percentage overlap (which is your desired output).


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