I am new to Google Earth Engine and JavaScript. I have created a dropdown box and a button. The dropdown contains sub-district names from a shapefile. After clicking the button, the selected place is shown in the map as a polygon.

var subDist= table.aggregate_array('admin3Name');
var subDistDD= ui.Select([],'Loading...');
  subDistDD.setPlaceholder('Select a Place');

var btnShow=ui.Button('Go To Place');
  var placeName=subDistDD.getValue();
  var selectedSubdist=ee.Feature(table.filterMetadata('admin3Name','equals',placeName).first())
  .set({style: {fillColor: '00000000'}});
  Map.addLayer(selectedSubdist.style({styleProperty: "style"}));
var panel=ui.Panel({
  style: {width:'210px', resize:'horizontal'}
ui.root.insert(0, panel);

The program runs without error. But when the place is selected and the button is clicked, an error shows up: selectedSubdist.style is not a function.

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selectedSubdist is a Feature, style() is a function on FeatureCollection. Wrap it in a FeatureCollection wrapper.

ee.FeatureCollection([selectedSubdist]).style({styleProperty: "style"})
  • Thank you very much. It worked. I had to assign the FeatureCollection to another variable. Then add it as a layer.
    – Padmanabha
    Commented May 14, 2021 at 12:23

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