I have calculated NDWI on my study area. After this, I want to select a specific range of values that I will use to make a mask. My specific values range is between 0.2 and -0.1.

This is my code:

var sentinel = collezione.filterBounds(area)

var ndwi = sentinel.normalizedDifference(['B3','B8']);
var palette_NDWI = ['de0000','ff4000','ff7a20','ffc522','fffd30'];
var maschera = ndwi.lt(0.2).and(ndwi.gt(-0.1))
var filtro = sentinel.updateMask(maschera2)


I don't have my expected mask. What should I do? Is there some operator that can extract my range?


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As you don't provide your study area, I arbitrarily assign one in my script. My Image Collection was 'COPERNICUS/S2_SR' (you don't provide one specific product; only the key word sentinel). So, my complete script looks as follows:

var area = ee.Geometry.Polygon([[[-108.647265625, 39.574670896812535],
          [-104.16484375, 41.247551055345276],
          [-104.340625, 43.58306796571101],
          [-107.32890625, 44.27931722642314],
          [-110.3171875, 42.36127474502225]]]);

var pt = ee.Geometry.Point ([-105.051019, 40.581871]);

var collezione = ee.ImageCollection('COPERNICUS/S2_SR')
  .filterBounds(pt) //it can also be used area instead
  .filterMetadata('MGRS_TILE', 'equals', '13TDF')

var sentinel = collezione;

Map.centerObject(pt, 18);


var ndwi = sentinel.normalizedDifference(['B3','B8']);


//var palette_NDWI = ['de0000','ff4000','ff7a20','ffc522','fffd30'];

var palette_NDWI = {"opacity":1,

var maschera = ndwi.lt(0.2).and(ndwi.gt(-0.1));
var filtro = maschera.updateMask(maschera).multiply(ndwi);


Map.addLayer(filtro, palette_NDWI);

By using your visualization palette, after running above script in GEE code editor, I got result of following image.

enter image description here

It looks as you are searching for a procedure for segregating some kind of buildings. I used Inspector Tab for getting some unmasked values and they are as expected.

  • sorry for my explanation but this is my first post on this platform; thanks for your support but on my layer i want to show all pixels EXCEPT pixels with values comprise between 0.2 and -0.1; so i want to do exactly the opposite of what is shown on your code; is it possible?
    – igha95
    Commented May 17, 2021 at 9:13

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