I would like to synchronise several QField files using one command in QGIS. Is this possible with a Python script? I would like to use the plugin QField sync but for the data of 10 tablets. So that I don't have to synchronise each tablet individually, a script would be very time-saving. Has anyone tried this before?

  • I use rsync over wi-fi. On android side dropbear ssh server. Then it's just a matter of opening multiple terminals.
    – Radenko
    Commented Sep 7, 2021 at 20:08

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I am not aware of this, but you can try using Mergin service (https://public.cloudmergin.com/) and Input app which is also based on QGIS.

To achieve that using https://inputapp.io and Mergin, you need:

  • Upload your project to Mergin (using Mergin plugin in QGIS)
  • All your users need to have their own accounts
  • Share your projects on Mergin with your users
  • Install https://inputapp.io
  • Each user can access the same project from Input under Projects > Shared with me
  • Download the project and make changes
  • Sync the changes from Input, Projects > Home

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