I use PyShp and shapefile.Reader to read shapefile files.

If I want to read a whole file I use:

with shapefile.Reader(file) as shp:
    for row_num, row in enumerate(shp.iterRecords()):

But I would like to read a single row from shapefile file with shapefile.Reader, for example row number 100. I read documentation and I didn't find any solution. How can I do that?


shapefile.Reader loads all data to the memory. After using shapefile.Reader("file_path") you can get a specific row by index using shapeRecords method which returns a list containing all rows, then, you can get the specific row.

import shapefile

with shapefile.Reader(file) as shp:
    row = shp.shapeRecords()[99] # row with index 99 (100th row)

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