I have access to a ArcGIS REST API service running on a standalone, unfederated ArcGIS Server. (Not AGOL or ArcGIS Enteprise) ie (https://xxxx.xxxxx.com/arcgis/rest/services/xxxxxx/xxxxMap/MapServer)

Is there any way to consume the REST API services like MapServers, ImageServers using ArcGIS's Python API?

Also, I am working in a secured environment with no internet access. Using MapImageLayer from ArcGIS's Python API forces a GIS object as a parameter by default. And that GIS object calls out to www.arcgis.com for anonymous authentication.

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It is possible to get to the feature services in a standalone server by using the arcgis.server.Server class.

See the doc and tech article here:

Here is a snippet to get access to a FeatureLayerCollection directly from the server instead of the portal.

from arcgis import *
from arcgis.gis import server

server_base_url = "https://servername.esri.com"
gis_server = server.Server(url=f"{server_base_url}/web_adaptor/admin",

content_dir = gis_server.content
service = content_dir.get("lsa_testing_feet")


>>> <class 'arcgis.features.layer.FeatureLayerCollection'>

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