I have two rasters I would like to merge and also fill in no data cells along the boundary between the two rasters to create a smooth transition. Some of the cells along the boundary are no data cells, and they are not filled when I try the Mosaic raster layers tool by SAGA. I have tried both the feathering and blend boundary method for the "overlapping areas", but I suppose this only applies to the areas that actually overlap. Therefore, I'd like to feather/buffer my raster boundary to create data for the existing nodata cells for cells which are an x distance away from cells with data, similarly to how the built-in buffer tool for vectors works.

Is this possible with any built in tools in QGIS?

I've attached an image of my output from the Mosaic raster layers tool.

Unwanted no data cells along merged raster boundary

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Resolved. The tool I wanted was Fill nodata by GDAL.

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